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Producers, writers, directors, and actors all regularly sign contracts in connection with their work and need an entertainment lawyer to protect their interests. The entertainment industry is  particularly cut-throat and even reputable companies draft one-sided contracts with the hope that they get signed without any legal review, knowing they can take advantage of talent. Worse yet, most contracts contain intentionally complex language designed to overwhelm the reader into just signing.

Our firm has years of experience representing talent, including producers, writers, directors, and actors. We will protect your interests and make sure you get paid for your hard work. Our clients are delighted to learn that our fees are very reasonable and often lead to them collecting more money than before. We take care of the legal side so you can focus on your job: creating.

Our flat-fee, percentage, and hourly legal services often include drafting and negotiating the following:

actor director writer producer representative attorney
entertainment contract
  • Writer Agreements (Screenplay Option Agreement, Screenplay Purchase Agreement, Book Option Agreement, and Writer for Hire Agreement, etc.).
  • Producer Agreements (Co-production Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, Television Producer Agreement, Film Producer Agreement, Employment Agreement, etc.).
  • Performer Agreements (Actor Agreement, Stunt Performer Agreement, SAG-AFTRA Agreements and Riders, etc.).
  • Rights Agreements (Life Rights Agreement, Collaboration Agreement, Licensing Agreement, Story Rights Agreement, etc.).
  • Director Agreements for film, television, and digital.

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