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Our expertise in film financing and fundraising provides our clients with cutting-edge strategies and legal protections that simply the complex fundraising process.

Many of our clients, and indeed most in the entertainment industry, are shocked to learn that film financing investments are considered a security under state and federal law and require registration (or exemption) with the SEC. Failure to do so can lead to penalties and even criminal liability. Our firm handles all SEC compliance to help you legally raise funds.

Coupled with a deep understanding of both federal and state film tax incentives and laws, our clients find our services to be invaluable at reducing the amount of capital they need to raise.

Our flat-fee, percentage, and hourly film financing legal services often include drafting and negotiating the following:

film financing production budget and calculator
film strip negatives
  • Represent producers, production companies, and financiers raising equity or debt financing in connection with film, television, and digital content.
  • Draft and prepare Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) documents and all applicable exhibits.
  • SEC and State regulatory compliance, including Form D filings.
  • Advise on Rule 504, 505, and 506 offerings.
  • Assist and advise on Federal and State film tax incentive programs and compliance.
  • Company formation for film projects and investment vehicles (Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies – LLCs, Co-Productions).
  • 501(c)(3) formation for tax-deductible film fundraising (when applicable).

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