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Distribution is one of the most key moments of any entertainment deal, with key clauses meaning the difference between making profit or receiving a wide release. Whether you are securing a territory pre-sale, or closing a world-wide release, it is imperative to have strong legal counsel in your corner.

As a result of online streaming platforms and digital providers such as Netflix and Amazon, distribution is one of the fastest changing aspects of the entertainment industry. Our firm provides legal support for every type of distribution deal and our experience can help you get the best possible deal by maximizing your profits and protecting your rights. Most importantly, our firm will help you close the deal that puts your project into the wide release it deserves.

Our flat-fee, percentage, and hourly legal services often include drafting and negotiating the following:

movie theater distribution
netflix streaming on a tablet
  • Sales agent/representation agreements.
  • Domestic and foreign distribution agreements, including direct territory deals, theatrical distribution agreement, home video agreement, VOD, PPV, and digital rights.
  • Advice on distributor reporting compliance.
  • Legal opinion letters for distributor deliverables (fair use opinion letter, E&O opinion letter, title reports, copyright reports, chain of title).

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